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Old Paint White (37) 
Reclaimed Wood (20) 
Sawtooth Oak Warm (48) 
Brick Sandstone (30) 
Blue Stained Pine (53) 
Brick Red (30) 
Weathered Wood Sunbaked (29) 
Cedar Natural (21) 
Cracked Concrete Bleached (24) 

Burnside System


The Burnside Fixture line is a complete system with all interchangeable parts for your floor and wall displays. The steel based design is finished in a metallic silver that truly provides the desired industrial look. 

This is one of the most complete modern fixture lines offered. All of the floor fixtures are on casters, they include 2-way, 3-way, and even 4 way rolling racks, ballet bar, round rack, small and large rolling gondolas, and nesting tables. The wall display is a full outrigger upright system that ranges from 102" to 120" high.

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