Gridwall has always been a foundation of retail fixtures and always will be. That statement stays true because grid panels are the most versatile cost-effective display available for all types of retailers. 

Gridwall can be used on walls, ceilings, or free standing on the floors connected to other panels. Trade show exhibitors have always made use of grid panels due to their ease of set up, tear down, and transportation. A real bonus to grid panels is that they are not subject to blow-outs as seen with slatwall.

Panels are available in multiple widths and heights. All panels are standardized with 3" on center wire squares so all hardware will work interchangeably. Grid panels are available in 3 standard colors; white, black, and chrome. Because they are made of metal wire you can have them powder coated by your local painter for custom colors to fit your environment.

We offer a variety of different legs and bases to make displays that are moveable around a showroom floor so you can find the best way to utilize gird wall displays in your store.




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