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Slatwall is one of the staples of product display in the retail setting. No one wants to waste their wall space and slatwall is the #1 easiest way to utilize the perimeter of your store. Our slatwall collection ranges from economical LPL (low pressure laminate) basic finishes all the way to specialized textured designs that look like real wood and brick with everything in between. 

Slatwall is sometimes referred to as slotwall, slot wall, slate wall, slatewall, slat and slat wall. It is all the same thing at the end of the day. Standard slatwall (not metal slatwall) is constructed of MDF (Medium-Density Fiber board) which is sometimes mistaken for weak particle board. Adding metal inserts is typically recommended for extra strength to avoid heavy hanging merchandise that can cause blow outs. Some varieties of slatwall that we offer come standard with metal inserts in the grooves that are used for accessories.  

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